Looking Forward with an Eternal Perspective

In the fall of 2014 the end of my LDS mission was quickly approaching. The transfer was scheduled to end a few weeks after my original date to go home and the Mission President generally allowed sisters the choice of either leaving 3 weeks early or staying 3 weeks longer. I had just recently received news that I had been accepted to the Ballet program at BYU (which was a HUGE miracle for me) and ...

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compared to God, man is nothing; yet we are everything to God

God Cares About the Small Things Too

The other day I was looking for a specific t-shirt. I looked through my closet, under my bed, I'd washed and folded all the laundry (that was a miracle!), I'd checked and double-checked every last place I could think of- with NO luck whatsoever. I could not find that shirt anywhere. After a while I chose another shirt and tried to move on with my day, but it kept bugging me! I knew I had the shirt ...

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The Greatest Lie Satan Told Me- That I Believed

Every morning, I wake up, go to the bathroom, and weigh myself. I never used to do this. I didn't grow up in a house where weight mattered, rather the way I felt and what I was able to accomplish with my healthy body mattered. Up until I was weighed regularly at prenatal checkups, I couldn't even tell you how much I weighed. Now I am a thirty-something mother of four, and somewhere along the way, ...

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